About Us

Zoo keeper and Veterinary Tech Experience

 When you're looking for someone with real experience and the knowledge to care for your parrot, reptile, rodents or bunnies, call or email the only real exotic pet sitter around! 


Detailed diets for your parrots, reptiles and bunnies available. Yes I cook and serve fresh foods for all.  Cages are available for use 


 References available upon request. Insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas. 

Contact Us at nancyallaire@yahoo.com or call 774 306-1594


I would love to have you come meet me and see where your pet will be staying. 

Zoo Nanny Exotic pet Sitting

Wrentham, Massachusetts, United States

(774) 306-1594

Boarding Hours

Drop off and pick up times must be scheduled one week prior.